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Le Beau Ideal – Botox® & non surgical facial rejuvenation specialists

Dr Esho  founder of Le Beau Ideal

Le beau ideal ..not just a treatment an experience

Led by Dr Esho le beau ideal is comprised by many of the rising stars within the aesthetic industry. Known for our artistic flare and ability, the Le Beau Ideal concept is unique and carrys our signature in every treatment. Our passion is beauty and whatever we can do to enhance your look and help you achieve your own personal Le Beau Ideal.

All our cosmetic doctors are fully insured under Hamilton Fraser Insurance and are registered with the GMC

All have undertaken advanced and master class training in non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques at Allergan, Harley Street and Cosmetica. 

How does the process work?

1. Email us at info@lebeauideal.co.uk after reviewing our treatments and packages

2. A member of the team will match your request with one of our cosmetic doctors based on availability and locality 

3. Enjoy your Le Beau Ideal experience and your journey to a new you!

Le Beau Ideal  more than a cosmetic clinic

Le Beau Ideal – more than a cosmetic clinic

Le Beau Ideal was founded with the aim of creating a unique facial rejuvenation experience that would provide state-of-the-art Botox® , dermal fillers and cosmetic treatments with luxury bespoke packages. We believe that a soothing environment and a nourishing, luxurious atmosphere is a key part of the journey to a new you. That is why at Le Beau Ideal we aim to provide you with the keys to an affordable, luxury lifestyle full of passion, indulgence and relaxation.

When you purchase a Le Beau treatment you can be confident that you are receiving the very best. Our treatments are the highest quality, and all led by experienced medical teams – so you can be assured of your safety at all times.

Our Newcastle base Botox® clinics are at private locations in Newcastle but we act primarily as a concierge service offering bespoke treatments within Newcastle and across the Midlands, London and beyond. We also have select approved salons and clinics which lease our services to their clients.

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Our specialities – facial rejuvenation and Botox® treatments

Every person is unique, and without a doubt your treatment needs will be unique too. That is why we start every Le Beau journey with a free consultation to assess your needs and advise you on the most suitable treatment options. Not only do we have a large list of treatments available, we can also create bespoke treatments and packages to suit your direct needs.

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Our clientele

We offer an elite, yet affordable service. Whilst we cater to many high profile clients the Le Beau touch is achievable for anyone who is committed to attaining perfection in beauty.

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